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Since the day of it’s creation, the Company “Veres” was focused on the production of children’s furniture made of wood, so it’s no surprise that the Company’s first products was baby beds.


The first line of models of baby beds made almost entirely by the manual labor, but with the passage of time, the production brought results and opportunities to updated park of the enterprise manufacturing equipment. Production processes becomes more and more automated, and the manufacturing process gradually began to take the form of conveyor production. The rate of the production has always tended towards the cultivation of qualified personnel and study foreign experience. Many weeks Company’s specialists held in Italy – the cradle of world culture of furniture manufacture, for the study of modern principles and wood processing technologies.



At this stage, Company employs woodworking equipment as recognized by the domestic engineering industry leaders and world-renowned Italian manufacturers. The special pride of the company is the Italian automated conveyor paint line, which produces environmentally friendly painting parts that based on water, for their application in an electrostatic field.


On the base of own facilities – developed and introduced mixed wood drying technology, based on the cyclic release of moisture on the basis of the atmospheric, convective and vacuum drying technology.




Configured line of optimization wood residues through their matching hydraulic and vacuum presses, which allows efficient use of the main material production – Carpathian mountain Beech. It is the “secret ingredient” that gives the Company products fort, reliability and durability.


Plastic elements of baby beds are made of food grade plastic that is molded in itself developed molds by the partner company – thanks to this – quality and their strength are always in control of field experts of Company.





We really care about the quality and safety of our products and about it we can talk for hours, so – our products are covered with paints individually designed on the production capacities of laboratories of Swedish producer of coverings Becker Acroma (Sherwin-Williams), that produces one of the best coatings in the world since 1874.


To the fullest extent of our products comply with national standards, but we are not resting on our laurels – at this stage Company’s products are testing in the laboratories of the level of international standards to meet the requirements of the British and the Israel Standards Institute.


proizvodstvo_mebeli_4Packaging of our products has minimalistic character – this is not a surprise, cause it’s made of 95% recycled raw materials, and print with the water-based paints, cause – we can care about our children only caring about the place they will live.

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