Textile & Baby Clothes Branch

For the past 4 years, Company “Veres” specializes in the issue of children’s textiles. During this time we have not only established our self as a manufacturer of high quality products, but also repeatedly to please our customers.

Today Veres range perfectly meets the needs of parents. We produce all that is necessary for Your baby: children’s bed linen, crib bumpers, removable bedding sets, baby blankets, ponchos, envelopes, mattresses for babies, mattress covers, mattresses for teenagers. The quality of the materials from which our textiles are made, starting with the selection and purchase of raw materials from leading Turkish, Polish and Belgian producers. In developing each separate collection, our designers take into account all the needs and wishes of our buyers. Most of our collections complement the necessary accessories: set of replacement of linen, rugs, corners for swimming, a poncho, a changing mat, envelopes. The color line is made up of soft pastel colors that will suit even the most refined interior. We use modern software while developing of new products. Many textile products use methods of application of embroidery using embroidery equipment, which gives them the elegance and beauty. Textile production is carried out on modern industrial equipment industry’s leading manufacturers. Each unit is double check the quality before we get the final product.

For a short time the production of textiles, we have already received many awards. But the main achievement – it is the trust and appreciation of our customers! We use innovative technology to best achieve a strong and healthy sleep of your baby. The materials that are used are carefully checked twice. A wide range of products, enables you to choose the model that is right for your baby.

Since the first collection of clothes for newborns, we make emphasis on according the highest European quality standards. For tailoring use only certified materials EcoTex 100 Standart (international certification system), which confirms the quality and the environmental safety of the materials used.

Veres clothing for newborns is absolutely safe for health. High-quality materials are pleasant to the touch and durable to use. Attractive design clothes look is achieved through the introduction of new design solutions. Another important component is the high professional level of each participant in the production process.

At every stage – from design concept to revenue collection on sale – Company “Veres” pays considerable attention to monitoring and compliance with all rules and regulations.

All babies clothing must comply with the following parameters:

– The absence of intense smell of the product. Its presence can only talk about low-quality materials were used in the production;

– Physical and hygiene indicators: air permeability, hygroscopicity, electrostatic, hydrophilic.

We try to make our product according to all European standards in the textile issue and work with care and love for our youngest customers.

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